Meet the people who work at Catherine North Studios. We all come from different backgrounds, but we all have the same thing in common: We love music.

Duke FosterDuke Foster

Duke has the uncanny ability to know where the perfect wi-fi connection is—anywhere on earth. Apple has asked to do an MRI to see if this power is transferable to an iPhone. read Duke’s full bio →

Tristan Miller (aka Tic Tac)Tristan Miller

Passionate about repairing electronics, Tristan maintains not just our studio, but several others in the Hamilton area while finding time to manufacture small runs of boutique analog recording equipment. read Tristan’s full bio →

Dan HoshDan Hosh

Avid guitar and bass collector, years of production training, many more years of creditable studio experience, and a wide range of musical interests help make Dan one of the most versatile producers among his peers. read Dan’s full bio →

Scott Peacock (aka ScottyP)Scott Peacock

Scott suffers from a dual-diagnosis of Gear Acquisition Syndrome and Bicycle Acquisition Syndrome. When he’s not in the studio, he’s prone to self-medicating by making Tristan explain electronic theory. read Scott’s full bio →